Ship model boat 5 masts Danish The København circa 1950


Ship model boat 5 masts Danish The København circa 1950

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  • Ship model boat 5 masts Danish The København circa 1950. Made entirely by hand in the 1950s the work is artisanal. Length: 97 cm. Height: 61 cm. Very detailed this 5 mats, on base, beautiful patina. This boat has been handmade with great finesse very detailed see photos.

    The København (or Skoleskibet København) was a five-masted, steel-hulled barque built in 1921 in Scotland to become a Danish Navy training ship. In 1913, the East Asian Company1 ordered a large sailing vessel for the use of the grain trade from Australia. Although the hull was completed in 1915, no other work was done because of the First World War. In 1918, the uncompleted ship was requisitioned by the British Admiralty, dubbed Black Dragon and towed to Gibraltar for use as a coal pontoon for many years. After the war, the AEC recommends another building to replace the requisitioned ship on the same plans. The København, originally intended for the grain trade, will at the same time serve to train apprentices for careers in the Danish merchant marine. He will undoubtedly be the largest five-masted and steel-hulled training ship of his generation. After making ten trips, København disappeared shortly after 21 December 1928 in the Southern Ocean with its crew of 15 sailors and 45 cadets. He had left Rio de la Plata on the way from Montevideo to Melbourne and his last radio message was received that same day.
    Several ships searched this vast area. The Danish tanker Mexico was chartered for this research east of Rio de la Plata as well as the Australian steamer Junee to the west of Australia. Their search, begun January 7, 1929, lasted three months without result. The sailboat and the crew were never found.

  • Century 20th century
    Year 1960
    Condition Very good
    Height (cm) 80
    Length (cm) 105
    Wood Walnut
    Metal Bronze
    Other Fabric

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