Globe Ludwig Julius Heymann 1891


Wonderful rare earth globe Ludwig Julius Heymann à Berlin. 1891

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  • A very large and imposing globe with a circumference of 114 cm (about 36 cm in diameter) by Julius Heymann, Berlin, at the time of the German Empire. The globe can be dated on the map image from 1891 to 1893. Dakota is already divided into North and South, but the existing until 1893 Empire Matabele still registered.

    The image of the map is this globe 114cm extremely detailed and with much more information than the smaller models Heymann, very finely drawn and the borders of the country nicely colored.

    This ancient globe is in the original unrestored state and is complete, including the still working compass. Despite its age, the original varnish still shows very strong printing inks. The condition is remarkably good for age.

    Ludwig Julius Heymann (1836-1899) began the production of globes in 1883. Earth, relief and induction globes in many different diameters and linguistic variants belonged to his publishing program.

  • Century 19th century
    Year 1898
    Height (cm) 65
    Diameter (cm) 37

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