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Diving equipment

Suit is a device that allows a diver to walk on the bottom of a body of water (the sea, a lake, a river, a submerged quarry, a pool, etc.). By breathing through a tube connected to the surface, where other men provide the air necessary for its survival thanks to a pumping mechanism.

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  • Diving helmet

    The first diving helmet, properly speaking, was that of the chevalier Pierre Rémy de Beauve (guard of the Navy in Brest), manufactured in 1715 as was the barrel of Lethbridge. The knight's diving suit consisted of a metal helmet and a leather garment. The helmet was connected to the surface by two pipes, one of which was fed with surface air by a bellows while the other was used to evacuate the diver's exhaled air. De Beauve thus laid the foundation for what was to become, and what remained until today, the helmet suit.

  • Daggers

    The diver's knife or dagger. Very popular to collectors these tools have seen many models designed only for scuba diving. They became emblematic objects.